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AACE International is dedicated to advancing the study of cost engineering, and cost management through the integrative process of total cost management.  To promote this objective, AACE awards academic scholarships to full-time students pursuing a related degree in engineering, construction management, building construction, computer sciences, business, quantity surveying, information technology, etc.


The cost engineering profession uses the process of total cost management to identify and define those areas of business in which the discipline of cost engineering and cost management principles may be applied to plan and control resources, assets, costs, profitability and risk.  The major elements of the cost engineering discipline include estimating, project/product controls, planning and scheduling, business sciences, and project/product management.


Scholarship Descriptions


AACE International scholarships are available in amounts up to $2,500.00.  Specific awards will be determined based on your overall scholarship and collegiate accomplishments.


Local AACE Section scholarships may also be available, with a possible 50% match from AACE International. 




Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time students.  If in their final undergraduate year, they must have been accepted to attend a full-time graduate program in the next academic year.




The revised AACE International Competitive Scholarship Program is now online.  Applications
will be accepted between December 1st and
February 28th each year.  For details click
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Text Box: Our Previous Scholarship Winners:

2008: Rizwan Farooqui of Florida International University and Tomeka Jordan of the University of Florida.  Each was awarded a $2,000 AACE scholarship, and the North Florida Section added another $500 each, qualifying for a 50% AACE match.

2009: Michael Friend of Everglades University ($6,000) and Mohamed Abdel-Raheem of University of Central Florida ($2,000).  Each was also awarded an additional $500 from the North Florida Section, qualifying for a 50% AACE match.

2011: Andres Boral of Florida Gulf Coast University ($8,000) and Maryam Mirhadi Fard of the University of Florida ($2,000).  Andres Boral was AACE’s top award winner that year, and also received an all-expense paid trip to the Annual Meeting in California.  Each student was also awarded an additional $375 from the North Florida Section, qualifying for a 50% AACE match.

2012:  Maryam Mirhadi Fard (University of Florida) $3,000, and Seyyed Amin Terouhid (University of Florida) $3,000.  Each student also received an additional $565 in supplemental Section and AACE Matching Funds Awards.

2013:  Those applicants from our area receiving 2013 AACE scholarships are: 1) Seyyed Amin Terouhid: $6,000 (University of Florida); 2)  Maryam Mirhadi Fard: $4,000 (University of Florida); and 3)  Sidney Smead: $2,000, (Florida Institute of Technology). plus our N. Florida Section supplemental scholarship of $500 and the 50% AACE Matching Funds, or a total of $2,750.00.

2015:  Connor Heckman (University of Central Florida) $750 North Florida AACE Scholarship.

2016:  Ilya Andrushchenko (University of Florida) AACE scholarship of $1,000.00.  North Florida AACE Section scholarships of $375.00 each were also awarded to Joanna Rivero (University of Pittsburgh) and Taiason Cole (University of Central Florida).

Local Scholarships Also Available!

The North Florida AACE Section offers scholarship monies tied to local AACE applicants and awards.  These may also qualify for additional 50% matching funds from AACE.

We also welcome donations to our separate North Florida AACE Section Scholarship Fund.  For more information, please contact Section Administrator Elizabeth Harrison at


2017 Winner:

Our congratulations to Taiason Cole (University of Central Florida) for being awarded a $1,000.00 AACE International Scholarship, and a North Florida Section Scholarship of $500.00.