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December 2017-January 2018

December Meeting to Present How to Successfully Use Earned Value on Projects 

As we (finally) move from the heat and hurricanes of summer through a pleasant Orlando fall and now approaching winter, I am very grateful to all our members for the continuing success of our technical programs this year.  Many of the presentations to date have been provided by local Section members introducing us to the new AACE online community forums and to the technical resources available within our TCM Framework Recommended Practices.  Our November presentation discussed related international cost engineering resources from Compass International.  The value of our AACE tools for professional development has been enhanced by a significant improvement in accessibility, making them easier than ever to use.  I encourage all of our members to visit and explore the new AACE online platform.

I am also grateful to our meeting hosts PMA Consultants, as they continue to provide our meeting facilities and Webinar access for most of our regular monthly Section meetings.  We will continue live Webinar presentations of our monthly Section meetings for the benefit of those members who live too far from Orlando or who travel frequently.  Because our North Florida Section covers all of Florida (with the exception of Greater Miami), we strive to make the benefits of local Section membership “virtually accessible.”

As a reminder, the AACE International membership renewal period is now open.  Your renewal for calendar year 2018 must be completed before December 31, 2017.  This can be done through the AACE portal at  And as we have learned from our presentations this year, this portal also provides access to our professional community, technical resources, certification benefits, and essential industry/ professional knowledge.

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John P. Orr, PSP

From the President...

Earned Value Management (EVM) should be an effective technique for managing project performance. Unfortunately, for many project teams use of EVM becomes a time-consuming and frustrating experience with minimal value. This presentation will explain the essential project planning steps needed to successfully utilize earned value on projects. This presentation will briefly review earned value terminology, calculations and key metrics to monitor when using earned value. The best techniques to determine progress for project work packages will also be explained, along with how to use earned value to forecast project costs. The use of Earned Schedule (ES) will also be reviewed, and how ES augments traditional EVM and integrated schedule analysis will be explained. This presentation will show how to put your projects on the right track for successful use of earned value. For more presentation details, see our Meeting notice.


-John P. Orr, PSP

North Florida Section President









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· Reminder to Board Members:  The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held immediately following our January 11th, 2018 Section meeting.

· AACE ScholarshipsAACE Competitive Scholarship applications are open annually December 1st through February 28th.  AACE International offers competitive scholarships to US, Canadian, and International students pursuing a program related to cost engineering/cost management.  The scholarships are awarded by the AACE International Education Board and are currently available in amounts not exceeding $2,500,00.  AACE International Sections may also offer local scholarships, and the North Florida AACE Section does have its own scholarship available.  All scholarships are awarded for use in the fall term of the next academic year.  Students from our Section have now been awarded seventeen AACE scholarships since 2008, with many also receiving Section scholarships plus AACE Matching Funds.  For requirements and to apply, please visit the AACE Scholarship page.

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The CCTS 44th Annual Space Congress® was very successful, and featured Dr. Buzz Aldrin, former NASA Astronaut, as a keynote speaker.  Tentative dates have been set for the next Space Congress: February 27th, 28th and March 1st, 2018.  The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) is a group of 31 area technical associations to which our Section belongs.  For more information, visit the CCTS Web site at

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In their October presentation, co-speakers John P. Orr, PSP and John Philbrick, PE, CCP, PMP provided an excellent overview of the AACE Recommended Practices.  The speakers explained that at latest count, AACE has 74 Recommended Practice (RP) documents.  Their primary message was that every member of AACE would greatly benefit from being familiar with the Recommended Practices documents pertaining to their area of specialization.

This engaging presentation demonstrated where these documents are located on the AACE Web Site.  Both speakers provided examples of the vast knowledge to be gained from the study and use of these documents in establishing the proper practice standard for cost engineers and their teams.  These guidelines also provide a useful basis in supporting individual work methods.  In addition, the speakers supplied a valuable look into the development process for these Recommended Practices.

We are most grateful to both John Orr and John Philbrick for this welcome and insightful introduction to AACE’s valuable Recommended Practices.  Watch for their presentation slides to be available soon on our Resources page.

North Florida AACE President and October co-speaker John P. Orr, PSP. (right) shares Appreciation Certificate with fellow co-speaker John Philbrick, PE, CCP, PMP.

In his very informative presentation on International Estimating, Procurement and Construction Costs, speaker John G. McConville, CCP (on right in photo) discussed the wide variety of available resources for international estimating topics such as field labor rates, construction productivity in different countries, location factors, bulk material and production equipment costs, import duties, inflation, local taxes, unit prices, facility costs, engineering

This meeting will also feature our Special Holiday Celebration, including a gourmet dinner plus other special holiday merriment.  Our North Florida AACE “You’re a Star” Award will be presented as well.  Invite your spouse, friends and/or colleagues to join us for the fun, festivities and fellowship!


Joseph A. Lucas, PMP, CSM, PE, CCP

December 14th, 2017, at residence of John and Carole Orr, 1300 Druid Isle Road, Maitland, FL 32757.  6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10/person, with advance reservations by 12/13/17.  Webinar attendance also available on request.  To register or for more details, see Meeting Notice.  Questions?  E-mail meetings@nflaace.orgEveryone is welcome. 

Joe Lukas has been involved in project management for over 35 years.  He is a Certified Cost Professional, registered Professional Engineer, and Project Management Professional.  His work experience spans engineering, manufacturing, construction, project controls, estimating, contracting and project, program and portfolio management.  His projects experience includes information systems, product development, construction and manufacturing. Joe also teaches and consults on project management topics and interpersonal skills.


Joe joined AACE in 1989 and held many Section positions in Rochester, NY including President, Nomination VP and Membership VP.  Joe has over 50 published articles on project management topics, and is a frequent guest speaker for companies and organizations across the country.  In 2008 Joe received the Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award at the combined 6th World Congress on Cost Engineering and AACE International 52nd Annual Meeting, and in 2017 he was the recipient of the AACE Technical Excellence Award.

November Presentation Focused on International Cost Engineering

costs and other related subjects.

Our sincere appreciation to Mr. McConville for his valuable and useful presentation.  Watch our Resources page for a copy of his presentation slides with more information.