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Regular meetings held on second Thursdays, except during summer months, unless otherwise noted.  Everyone is welcome, membership is not required.  

September 14th, 2017 Section Meeting

ProgramIntroduction to the New AACE Online Communities: A Window of Opportunity! with speakers Fernando Villanueva PMP, and Eric Cannon, PSP. (Note:  Due to Hurricane Irma, this meeting was actually delayed one week until September 21st, 2017.)

This presentation will help educate the AACE International community on their new Web site.  Both Eric and Fernando will compare the former way of participating in forums and groups to the new interactive version of joining and participation.  In this interactive session, both speakers will show the lists of current online communities and even give examples of what some online communities offer.  They hope to engage and promote this to the members at large.


Fernando Villanueva, PMP, Senior Director, PMA Consultants LLC

















Eric G. Cannon, PSP, Scheduling Director, Moss and Associates






















PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations. 
Webinar  attendance also availableEveryone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  For questions or to register, e-mail

ProgramHave You Looked at AACE’s Recommended Practices? with speakers John Philbrick PE, CCP, PMP and John P. Orr, PSP.


This program will provide an overview of the AACE Recommended Practices.  At latest count, AACE has 74 Recommended Practice (RP) documents.  Every member of AACE would benefit from being familiar with the RP documents pertaining to their area of specialization.


This presentation will show where these documents are located on the AACE Web Site.  We will also provide examples of the vast knowledge to be gained from the study and use of these documents in establishing the proper practice standard for you and your team.  These guidelines also provide a useful basis in supporting your work methods.  We will also provide insight into the development process for Recommended Practices.




John Philbrick, PE, CCP, PMP













John P. Orr, PSP














PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations for in-person attendees.  Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  Both in-person and Webinar attendance are available.  For questions, e-mail

Fernando is a Senior Director at PMA Consultants LLC.  He has been with PMA since 1993 and serves as Project Controls Implementation Manager for the Orange County Utilities Water Wastewater Division Capital Improvements Program.  Fernando began his career in cost estimating and scheduling.  His career path has led him to work on highly visible projects around the country and abroad.  He is a long-time North Florida AACE member, and serves on the Section Board as Director-at-Large.  He has also won the CCTS Technical Achievement Award, and the 2016 North Florida AACE Star Award.

Eric works as Scheduling Director for Moss and Associates, a family owned business.  Eric has been with Moss for over two years and runs a team of three in-house schedulers and various outside consultants.  He manages a commercial portfolio of over 1 billion dollars.  Eric started his career 20 years ago as a Scheduling Engineer at Centex Rooney.  His career path has led him to work around the country and work on some highly visible projects.  Eric has been a North Florida Section member for many years, and also serves on the Section Board as Director-at-Large.

ProgramImproving the Update Process: Solutions for a Contentious Industry, with speaker John P. Orr, PSP, AECOM (substituting for original speaker Greg Hall, PSP, Kiewit Engineering)


Change is inseparable from construction, yet the owner/contractor cooperation necessary to properly deal with it varies widely from project to project.  Specifications require detailed, regular schedule updates and numerous reports, but much of what the contractor generates to meet those specifications is either rejected by the owner, of questionable value, and/or ignored by both parties.

To make matters worse, each party often responds to change in a manner that seeks to protect their interests.  Contractors protect profit margin by refusing new risk or seeking high compensation for it. Owners try to control program cost while keeping delivery commitments to the stakeholders.  While cost certainty benefits both parties, potential change orders and resolution of potentially costly delay impacts can often languish up to—or beyond—project completion.

This presentation addresses open, unresolved changes and delays by examining past projects’ typical practices of schedule updating, Time Impact Analysis, handling Resource-Driven Logic (RDL), and communication of the data generated by these processes.  By differentiating between progress and schedule adjustments, distinguishing RDL versus physical logic changes, and emphasizing “LP23” reviews which include Progress-Only update status, we hope to encourage the owner and the contractor to review and discuss the schedule update reports and find solutions which are in the project’s best interest, meet their divergent goals, and avoid disputes.


PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations for in-person attendees.  Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  For questions, e-mail

ProgramHow to Successfully Use Earned Value on Projects with speaker Joseph A. Lucas, PMP, CSM, PE, CCP.

Earned Value Management (EVM) should be an effective technique for managing project performance. Unfortunately, for many project teams use of EVM becomes a time-consuming and frustrating experience with minimal value. This presentation will explain the essential project planning steps needed to successfully utilize earned value on projects. This presentation will briefly review earned value terminology, calculations and key metrics to monitor when using earned value. The best techniques to determine progress for project work packages will also be explained, along with how to use earned value to forecast project costs. The use of Earned Schedule (ES) will also be reviewed, and how ES augments traditional EVM and integrated schedule analysis will be explained. This presentation will show how to put your projects on the right track for successful use of earned value.

SpeakerJoseph A. Lucas, PMP, CSM, PE, CCP.




















This will also be our annual Holiday Dinner Celebration, featuring a gourmet dinner, presentation of the North Florida AACE “You’re a Star” Award, plus other special holiday festivities.  Bring your spouse and guests to take part in the fun and fellowship plus professional education and networking.  


Location:  Residence of John and Carole Orr, 1300 Druid Isle Road, Maitland, FL 32757.   


Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations for in-person attendees.  Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested. 

Both in-person and Webinar attendance are available.  For questions, e-mail

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ProgramI-4 Ultimate Scheduling Challenges and Project Update, with speakers Vince Gucwa, Rey Diaz and James Ward.

I-4 Mobility Partners, a public/private partnership (P3), was publicly announced as the successful bidder for the design/build/finance/operate/maintain of the I-4 Ultimate Project on April 23, 2014.  Subsequently, the SGL Constructors joint venture team is providing the design/build portion of the project for I-4 Mobility Partners.  SGL Constructors is a joint venture consisting of Skanska USA Civil Southeast Inc., Granite Construction Company, and The Lane Construction Corporation.  The I-4 Ultimate Project spans for 21 miles through Orange and Seminole Counties, from west of Kirkman Road to east of SR 434.  The scope consists of reconstruction of the mainline and interchanges, the addition of 4 express lanes, reconstructs 15 major interchanges, widens 13 bridges, adds 53 bridges, replaces 74 bridges, increases the design speed to 60 mph, and provides operations and maintenance.


SGL Constructors has a team of schedulers assigned to the I-4 Ultimate Project.  Planning/scheduling for a 21-mile reconstruction project of this magnitude has been a challenge.  This presentation will review the process that was utilized in bringing the schedule from a pre-bid stage up to the present construction stage.  The presenters are members of the scheduling team on the project and hopefully can answer any schedule-related questions regarding the project.  The software used for the scheduling of the project activities is Oracle Primavera P6, version 16.1 (currently), through a third party host. 


The presentation will also include some overview photographs to highlight the changes that have occurred along the I-4 corridor in the three years since construction began on February 1, 2015. 

SpeakersVince Gucwa, Rey Diaz, and James Ward

Vince Gucwa, from the Lane Construction Corporation, is the Schedule Manager on the I-4 Ultimate Project.  Vince has been on the I-4 Ultimate Project since June 2014, following 26 years of work at Lane’s corporate office.  Vince started his scheduling career with Bechtel Power Corporation in the pre-computer days, scheduling by hand, literally, on a nuclear power plant construction project.  Following a stint of 8 years between Bechtel Power Corporation and J.A. Jones Construction Company, and living in 6 different states, Vince was hired by Lane and has been with them for the last 30 years, working with Lane’s jobsite engineers, setting up schedules and providing scheduling training, as needed. 

Jim Ward, from the Lane Construction Corporation, is the Sr. Project Engineer (Schedule) for Area 4 of the I-4 Ultimate Project.  Jim, after being on the pursuit team and estimating team for the project, was assigned to the I-4 job in October 2014. Jim, having served four years in the US Army and getting his master’s degree, has been with Lane almost 35 years, and has served as a project engineer, superintendent, estimator, pursuit engineer, and schedule engineer on many projects throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Georgia, and Florida. Jim is a licensed professional engineer in PA and holds Lane’s contractor’s licenses for six states.

Rey Diaz, from Granite Construction Company, is the Scheduler for Area 3 of the I-4 Ultimate Project.  Rey has been on the I-4 Ultimate Project since February 2015; Rey has more than 25 years of experience in program/project construction management, contract administration, scheduling, claims, construction engineering inspection, and litigation support for private and public for multidiscipline engineering projects.  His main responsibility has involved coordinating design, permitting, procurement, and construction activities undertaken by contractors to ensure compliance with schedule, technical specifications, and costs.  Rey applies proven administrative principles and techniques to improve control to construction projects from planning through project closeout.  In addition, he has been a speaker of continued education seminars at the Puerto Rico College of Engineers and Land Surveyors, and at public/private universities in Puerto Rico; served as President of the AACE Puerto Rico Section.   Rey is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida.

PMA Consultants, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations.   Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  Questions?  E-mail here.  Webinar attendance also available on request.

NoteThe May meeting concludes our 2017-2018 program year.  After the summer break, be sure to join us again in September for a new series of quality educational presentations.  Watch this page for upcoming programs for the fall and beyond, and visit our Web site often for the latest Section news and activities.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions on possible topics and speakers.  Please send to this e-mail address.



*Please note this is two days earlier than our usual meeting date.

Investing from a Cost Engineering Perspective, Part 2, with speaker F. Sam Griggs, CCP, FAACE, Cost Engineering Consultant and Investment Trainer.

This is a continuation of the popular presentation last year that showed attendees how to use cost engineering techniques to review and select a good stock. Generally, these techniques are similar to those we use to select a contractor from many bidders for a construction project.  


The basics of investing will be reviewed, as well as some advanced investing topics for the intermediate or seasoned investors.  In addition, a detailed analysis of a selected stock will be discussed, along with advice on how to purchase the stock without going through a stock broker.  Possible best investments for the future will also be presented.

This is an important session for anyone who might be a beginner investor or for those intermediate or seasoned investors who are interested in perhaps gaining some additional perspective on investing and getting a better rate of return.

SpeakerF. Sam Griggs, CCP, FAACE, Cost Engineering Consultant, Investment Trainer

Sam Griggs, CCP, FAACE is a qualified cost engineer who also has extensive training and experience in the field of financial investments.  In addition to being a Certified Cost Engineer (CCP) and a long-time member of the AACE Certification Board, Sam is also an active member of several Investing groups and is a very experienced investor and has given many presentations on various aspects of investing.


He is a member of The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) which is a nonprofit education association that has been successfully aiding "do-it-yourself" investors for over 30 years.  He is a very active member of the AAII Investors Workshop which teaches individual investors the basics and beyond.  In this capacity, he has taught various classes on individual investments, including High Yield Dividend stocks, REITS and BDC, some of which will be mentioned in the presentation.

In addition, Sam is a member of the 
IBD Investors Workshop that holds monthly meetings on different aspects of trading stock optionsAnd he is also a member of the Better Investing Association which promotes the fundamentals of analyzing stocks and the benefits of belonging to investment clubs.

PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations.  Webinar attendance also available upon request.  For questions or more details, see Meeting Notice or e-mail hereEveryone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.


ProgramEthics in Project Controls and Project Management, with speaker Dr. Alexia Nalewaik, FRICS, CCP, CCA, Principal, QS Requin Corporation. 


*Please note this is two days earlier than our usual meeting date.

Many professionals in cost engineering, project controls, project management, and quantity surveying are members of professional institutions. As members of those organizations, they are bound by an aspirational and mandatory Code of Ethics - or several codes, if they are members of more than one organization. This presentation explores key concepts and recurring themes in the ethics codes established by project-related professional institutions. The speaker then identifies typical ethics lapses in project controls, reflects on recent surveys of project professionals, raises questions about loyalty and good character, and discusses whether an ethics code is sufficient to achieve normative ethical behavior in today’s workplace.















PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations for in-person attendees.  Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  For more details and to register, see Meeting Notice.  For questions, e-mail





ProgramInternational Estimating, Procurement and Construction Costs, with speaker John McConville, CCP, Compass International.



Mr. McConville will discuss international estimating topics such as field labor rates, construction productivity in different countries, location factors, bulk material and production equipment costs, import duties, inflation, local taxes, unit prices, facility costs, engineering costs and other related subjects.

SpeakerJohn G. McConville, CCP























PMA Consultants, LLC, Orlando, FL, 6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations for in-person attendees.  Everyone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.  For questions, e-mail


John G McConville CCP has over thirty years of Project Management, Estimating, Value Engineering, Planning, Consulting and Training experience in a wide variety of construction sectors, including: petro-chemicals, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pipelines and offshore facilities.  John has worked for extensive periods in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, France, Germany, South Africa and India.

John is the author of nine related cost estimating and procurement reference books that are focused on International Construction Costs and Procurement Practices.  He is a Certified Cost Engineering Professional (CCP) with the AACE)and has been an AACE member for more than 20 years.  John is considered by many industry authorities to be one of the leading consultants and experts on International EPC Costs and Productivity.


Compass International is an Estimating Consulting, Publishing and Training firm employing 10 + Project Managers, Estimators and Research Staff with offices in Celebration, FL. Philadelphia, PA. Easton, MD. and Manchester, UK.

ProgramIntuitive Math and Cost Estimating, with speaker Dr. Saleh A. Mubarak, PhD, Project Management Consultant.

Intuitive Math and Cost Estimating involves building and maintaining the ability to do rough estimates mentally and with simple tools.  This is also important in making a judgment on estimate numbers that were produced by computer systems and having the "gut feeling" to tell if it is in the ball park or not.  This subject is becoming more important these days as we depend more and more on computers.


Speaker:  Dr. Saleh A. Mubarak, PhD, Project Management Consultant.


Note Location Change for This Meeting OnlyThis meeting will be held at the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) Office, Cape Royal Office Center, 1980 N. Atlantic Avenue, Suite 401, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931.   Webinar-only attendance also available on request.  6:30 p.m.  Optional dinners at $10.00 per person with advance reservations.  Questions?  E-mail meetings@nflaace.orgEveryone is welcomeInvite your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.

Independent consultant, author, public speaker, and trainer.  B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in civil engineering, specialized in Construction Management.  Experience: Over 26 years diversified.  Industrial (14 years): private and public sector, in the U.S. and overseas. Positions occupied include project engineer / manager, cost estimator, planner / scheduler, project controls manager, cost manager, training manager.  Academic (12 years full-time + 8 years part-time): faculty member / professor, head of department. Taught and created many courses; mostly in the general area of construction project management such as project planning, scheduling, and controls; and cost estimating. Conducted research and published / presented many papers. Also, served on numerous committees and performed a variety of community services.


Extensive experience in continuing education and professional training around the world. Topics are mainly technical but also include many soft skills seminars.  Numerous presentations in professional conferences such as PMI-College of Scheduling, PMI, AACE International, Primavera Users Conference. Also, a public speaker in many local, regional, and international events.  An authority on project planning, scheduling, and project control; was part of the PMI team that wrote the first Project Scheduling certification exam in 2007.


Author of: Construction Project Scheduling and Control (currently 3rd edition); How to Estimate with Means Data: Basic Skills for Building Construction (currently 4th edition); Many articles, technical and other.  An advocate of holistic healthy living and sports, and a featured speaker at the 2016 Space Congress.

John Philbrick is the current Region 3 Director with AACE International.  He is Director with PMA Consultants and has 38 years of experience in project management for major road, airport, infrastructure, architectural, manufacturing/process, theme parks, and water/wastewater projects in southern and eastern United States.  He has significant expertise in project controls, project scheduling, scheduling (development, analysis, training, implementation), cost estimating, cost controls and claims analysis.

John Orr has more than 30 years of construction management and project controls experience, including expert witness reports and impartial assessments of the validity of construction delay.  In the past he has led presentations and training sessions in scheduling and claims avoidance for clients, at AACE Annual Meetings and the North Florida Section of AACE International.


Mr. Orr expanded both his horizon and his audience, with two peer-reviewed technical papers published in AACE’s Cost Engineering magazine.  He has been selected as a member of the Technical Board of AACE International, serving as subject-matter expert for Planning and Scheduling.  He is also a CCTS Technical Achievement Award winner, and was recently honored with the 2017 AACE Charles V. Keane Distinguished Service Award.  Mr. Orr’s volunteer service to his professional organization has served to advance the standards of practice within AACE International and to mentor other project controls professionals in their work.

Dr. Alexia Nalewaik is the Owner of QS Requin Corporation. She is a project controls director and quantity surveyor with over 20 years of risk management, owner representation, and cost management experience. Her areas of focus include audit, cost management, risk assessment, and performance improvement for capital projects and organizations. She is Past-Chair of the International Cost Engineering Council, and incoming AACE International President-Elect.

Joe Lukas has been involved in project management for over 35 years.  He is a Certified Cost Professional, registered Professional Engineer, and Project Management Professional.  His work experience spans engineering, manufacturing, construction, project controls, estimating, contracting and project, program and portfolio management.  His projects experience includes information systems, product development, construction and manufacturing. Joe also teaches and consults on project management topics and interpersonal skills.


Joe joined AACE in 1989 and held many Section positions in Rochester, NY including President, Nomination VP and Membership VP.  Joe has over 50 published articles on project management topics, and is a frequent guest speaker for companies and organizations across the country.  In 2008 Joe received the Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award at the combined 6th World Congress on Cost Engineering and AACE International 52nd Annual Meeting, and in 2017 he was the recipient of the AACE Technical Excellence Award.